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about me

I've always had a passion for creativity, and through 13 years within professional services as a Technology Consultant and Strategic Program Manager for one of the Big4 firms, I've developed my ability to use art and digital design to achieve strategic goals. In early 2023, I decided to leave professional services to focus more on my passion for combining digital design and company strategy.​

headshot of Alexandria Ervin

I fell in love with art from a very young age, and spent much of my free time creating, crafting, and experimenting with different materials and techniques. When it came time to picking a career, I set my passion for art aside and decided to focus on a business route, but with the knowledge that art and creativity would come back into my life down the road. 

I joined Deloitte as a Technology Consultant after graduating from undergrad. It was a great experience, fed my love of travel, and gave me a strong foundation. Through my career, I learned a lot about serving clients, the importance of the user experience, and valuable project management skills. When I needed to slow down on travel, I transitioned into a Program Manager role, focusing on delivering projects tied to the firm's strategic priorities. As I progressed, transforming rough concepts and ideas into concrete strategic direction, and communicating them through creative visual designs quickly became a common thread. My strength in developing strong storyboards to guide a presentation and creating an impactful, polished visual design helped many times to influence key decisions.


Feeling the pull to be more creative, in 2021, I started to explore the idea of a career shift by taking online classes with the UX Design Institute, and was excited by everything I was learning. In early 2023 I decided to fully commit to UI / graphic design, and I haven't looked back! I am at my best when I'm able to help develop new ideas and create visual concepts to bring them to life. Taking my past experience forward, I want to bring a strategic, user-centric mindset and the project management skills I developed with me into this next chapter to uniquely serve clients in both a strategic and visual capacity.

working with me

When working with me, it's important to know that I value:


I love gathering inspiration from everything around me and creating unique designs


Being a sparring partner to help further develop an idea is really energizing

woman working at a desk

I enjoy working close together and teaming with others


It's the small details that are so important to a design that wows instead of distracts


Ingrained in me from my past roles is the importance of being clear about timelines / progress and sharing updates

"Alex is very organized in her iterative approach, consistently delivering solid results according to plan efficiently and compellingly."

Liza Engel

experience & education




Freelance Graphic & UI Designer

Deloitte AG, Switzerland


Experience Programme Manager, driving employee culture and wellbeing related projects

Deloitte LLP, USA


Technology consultant, implementing Oracle ERP software

Strategic Programme Manager, driving project to enhance customer experience


Duquesne University


Graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in both International Business and Informations Systems Management

UX Design Institute


User Experience Design, professional diploma



User Interface Design, professional diploma

Scrum Master 1, certification

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