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Client: Take Root | 2023 | Presentation Design

design brief summary

The client would like a slide template aligned with their branding; they had recently updated their website, but did not have a formal brand guide document created and so wished for the template to include a simple guide to explain how to use brand elements in the slides.


The template would help their team to develop documentation with a consistent look and feel, creating a more professional client impression.


As a first step, I spent time reviewing the client's website to understand the different design elements used to also integrate into the template


Colors (what and how they are used):

  • Light sand and blue for neutral background and deep blue for a bold background

  • Highlighter yellow to minimally accent


Lines and shapes:

  • Curved shapes to create soft and flowing movement

  • single line, zigzag line or oval to highlight specific words or elements for greater emphasis


Font and iconography:

  • Headline and body fonts, use of capitalization

  • Limited use of iconography, only the leaf and roots imagery to connect the "take root" metaphor to the target user groups

Screenshots of the client website used to identify design elements to mimic in the slide template

slide designs

Taking what I learned from reviewing the website, I created a draft of a handful of different slide types in order to present the design concept to the client. Integrating the feedback, I developed the slide master for the full template.

In building out the template, I provided:

  • different color variations

  • different style options

  • slide tips on how to use elements or edit the slide correctly

  • simple brand guidelines to follow when editing the template or creating new slides

Below is a sample of the slides created:

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