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design projects

Read through for an overview of how we would collaborate on design projects such as web design, cover art, branding.


Design Consultation (optional)

If you aren't sure what design solution is right for you, or you have some questions before hiring me, let's connect. I'll be happy to talk through your goals during a 30-minute video call to see what design solution makes the most sense and to help you achieve clarity on next steps, budget, and timing.


Briefing Call

The project will kick off with a 45 minute briefing call. The main goal is to get to know each other and for me to learn about your project. I'd love to hear about your broader vision/purpose and strategic goals to make sure our project is in alignment and helping to support your path to success.

In this meeting, I'd also like to discuss what keywords you have in mind to describe the design for your project (e.g. are you a bank that wants to communicate clear, trustworthy, and modern, or a boutique shop that wants a minimalist, artsy, and vibrant look and feel?)



To start the project I will ask you to transfer 50% as a prepayment.


Ideas Generation

After the briefing call, I will take some time to do visual research and generate a few unique ideas for the design - I'll use the keywords we discussed to guide me, and I might come up with some alternate suggestions depending on research of the industry and current trends.​

With the outline largely in place, I'll start to fill in the content and create the design.


Presentation of Initial Thoughts

I will share a working document in Google Slides with ideas explained in detail and accompanied with mood boards. We'll have a 30-45 minute video call to review, gather your feedback and select a direction to move forward with.


Further Development

Following your feedback, I will further develop the selected idea. Up to 3 rounds of feedback are included. For projects lasting four or more weeks, I'm happy to include a 30-minute weekly touch point to share progress.


Project Completion

The final payment of 50% is due on project completion. I will then hand over the final design files.

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