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website design

Client: Liza Engel | 2023 | Web Design

design brief summary

The client has created a new business and would like a website to market and sell speaking engagement services, as well as showcase a blog as a platform to share her expertise and expand her following / network.​

The client would like the design to reflect three key words:

  • Exciting

  • Insightful

  • Empowering


In order to come up with a design theme, first I needed to define what the design is about. The client shared three keywords she wanted the site to reflect.

Create an uplifting and energetic experience that grabs the attention of the user, and encourages them to explore the site


Ensure content is clear, easily understood and readily accessible to the user


Create a sense of direct connection to the user and enable them to leave the experience with specific action they can take



As a first step, I looked at other public speaker websites, and created moodboards to gather inspiration on the:

  • Design keywords (energetic, insightful, empowering)

  • Page layouts

Project Moodboard

Image of ​summary mood board for website design project

design concept

I was inspired by my research and the photography used by Mel Robbins ( for her site. I wanted to create a similar energetic, unconstrained look for my client, utilizing colors that tied in with her brand. I removed the background from the portrait photography she had, and adjusted the coloring of her clothing to align better with her brand colors.

Depiction of the transformation of the original photography shared by the client to the edited photo without background and adjustment of coloring (changing the pants from a brown to the same deep pink from the brand color palette)

When I paired the edited imagery with the text headlines, the energy still felt a bit flat. To infuse a bit more excitement I added the waves to the background and this helped to tie the whole concept together.


These design elements became the launching point for the rest of the design theme.


Picture of Landing Page hero banner from

color palette



The client provided the colors used in her logo design, however didn't yet have decisions predetermined as to which colors to use where and when.

To balance the boldness of the pink colors, I chose the arrange the palette with the neutral tones as the primary colors and limit the pinks to bring more attention to their placement, such as CTAs and headlines.

final screen designs

Computer Screenshot.png
Landing Page.png
About Page.png
Contact Page.png
Blog Page.png
Speaking Engagements Page.png
The website not only looks fantastic but also the feedback has been tremendous, with my audience responding that it is easy to understand and navigate while also reflecting my personal style and brand ethos.

For anyone seeking a designer who can translate complex ideas into tangible results, and who values ROI through insightful design, I wholeheartedly recommend Alex. Her expertise in leveraging human insights to create not just a website, but a brand experience, is truly exceptional.

- Liza Engel

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