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project portfolio

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Investor Presentation

Client: FOOD FOUNDERS Studio

I created this investor deck for my client, transforming their existing slides into a clear storyline with minimized on-screen content and an impactful visual design. This project showcases my ability to craft and design compelling pitch presentations.

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Website Design

Client: Liza Engel

I created this website for my client's new business and blog, reflecting the client's chosen keywords of exciting, insightful, and empowering. This project showcases my ability to tailor design to meet the specific needs and vision of my clients.

content slide
slide template
content slide
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Slide Template

Client: Take Root

I created this slide template based on the design elements found on their website to create a cohesive professional look when they present to their clients. This project reflects my ability to use one example of a brand to create additional brand materials that have a seemless look and feel. 

tech products
UI Design Case Study

UX Design Institute Student Project 

I created this design concept for a banking website and mobile app as my UX Design Institute student project. This project showcases my ability to transform wireframes into a comprehensive and integrated design based on target user needs.

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Branding + Website (Re)Design

Client: Barbara Rijntjes

I developed a branding concept to capture the personality of my client and transformed her website into a visually appealing and user-friendly platform, effectively promoting her content, demonstrating my ability to understand and bring out the uniqueness of clients in impactful designs.

affinity diagram
interaction design
UX Case Study

UX Design Institute Student Project 

From research through design, my student project culminated in mid-fi wireframes for a hotel booking process. This project shows my ability to use UX research methods to develop a deep understanding of target user needs and design a positive and successful user experience.

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