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presentation design

Read through for an overview of how we would collaborate on presentation projects such as pitch decks, business cases, one-pagers, slide templates or other general slide presentations.



Before we kick off a project, I'd like to understand what type of presentation you need developed, what content you have already and in what stage your content is in, and if you have an existing brand design to work within or if you are looking for a bespoke design. This will give me an idea of the effort needed to deliver an impactful presentation that will help you to best connect with your audience.


Briefing Call

The project will kick off with a 45 minute briefing call. The main goal is to get to know each other and for me to learn more about your project. I'd love to hear about your broader vision/purpose and strategic goals to make sure our project is in alignment and helping to support your path to success.

In this meeting, I'd also like to understand your audience so the message can be appropriately tailored - who are they, what is their existing knowledge on the topic,  how do they like to receive information, how will you be presenting to your audience (live, virtual, sharing the slide document), etc. 



To start the project I will ask you to transfer 50% as a prepayment.


Content Structuring

After the briefing call, I will take some time to do review your content and think about how to storyboard the content. I'll create a shell to block out the structure and flow. I may reach out to you with short questions during this process to make sure I clearly understand the content and to get quick feedback on storyboard and structure elements. I'd really like to serve as a strategic partner in in this process to make sure your content and messaging is high-impact.

With the outline largely in place, I'll start to fill in the content and create the design.


Presentation of Initial Thoughts

Once the outline is in place, I will share a working document in Google Slides or MS PPTX with the current status of the slides. I'll add design elements to 4-5 slides to give you an idea of the style to make sure I've captured your desired look & feel. We'll have a 45 minute video call to review the storyboard, initial design, any open questions, and gather your feedback so I can continue forward (or pivot as needed).


Further Development

Following your feedback, I will further develop the presentation. Once the first draft of the document is completed, we'll go into a feedback loop to make refinements. Up to 3 rounds of feedback are included.


Project Completion

The final payment of 50% is due on project completion. I will then hand over the final presentation.

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